City Dweller 

The city moves and I move with it,

Pulsing to the rythym of the engines, on nearby cars stuck in traffic.
Slide through heavy crowds of people working, roaming around Downtown,

Then when the sun falls, I meander back to my little village.

The city moves and I move with it,

But at the end I must admit, nothing beats a glass of wine in the bathtub.


Side by side they choose a path,

Neither you, nor I will ever know.

They menace the skies, just briefly stopping to rest,

Under summer sun’s golden glow.


High above the world,
Restless thoughts lull for a moment.

Just thick white smoke and ocean blue,
Dancing in the sky.

High above the world, not a worry or a care.

If only it could feel like this,
be like this forever.