Oaxaca is Burning 

I awaken to countless voices screaming,

From Damascus to Oaxaca, I can hear each one pleading,

For change, protection, freedom,

And here in the land of the free, what are we offering them?

Ode to Orlando


(Photo: taken 6/13 at the LGBT Center’s Rally/Vigil for Orlando at Los Angeles City Hall)

In the wake of our worst fears, we vow to remain unmoved

Devastated by a hate that seeks to destroy us, we vow to continue to love 


I am a plethora of contradictions,
wild, free  yet well-kept,
flawless prose in simple diction,
wide awake and hardly slept.

True warriors never share their stories,
but bury me in my armor,
forever doused in gold and glory,
the misanthropic little charmer.