10 Signs That You’re Almost 30

Since my writing typically focuses on the heavier topics and themes in life, here is a Buzzfeed style break down of 10 painfully relatable points, geared to hit home for any Millennial on the brink of turning 30.

1. You’re actually at home most weeknights. 

2. None of your friends are awake past 10 PM anymore.

3. A three-day weekend means sleeping in, instead of going out.

4. You’ve uttered the phrase “sorry, I have to get up early tomorrow” and meant it.

5. Eating healthy has grown more important to you.

6. You actively pay attention to the news.

7. Advancements in technology are starting to confuse and/or frustrate you.

8. Punctuality matters.

9. After two drinks you start to get sleepy.

10. Your parents (mostly) silently judge you now.

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