Podcast Show Notes

From the fall of 2015 to 2016, I produced a sociopolitical podcast called Sound Off LA. The show discussed a wide-range of contemporary issues impacting millennials nationwide. Information and links mentioned in each episode of the podcast are listed below.

As stated on my homepage, Sound Off LA is available on iTunes. You can also click here to visit the online archive.

Episode 1: We’ve Only Just Begun

In our very first episode, we address Bisexual Erasure, Mental Health, and provide some much needed relationship advice in the form of a segment titled, “Signs You Should Break the Fuck Up.”

+ Music by Mesmerists

Useful Links
*The National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233).
*DVcouncil.lacounty.gov (for LA County Residents).
*Lgbtcenter.org (for LGBT couples in Los Angeles).
*You can also contact your local Department of Social Services (DPSS).

Statistics from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Episode 2: Define Slut…

Our first guest, Sparrow Dena joins the show to talk about sex! More specifically, we discuss the practice of slut-shaming and delve into questions like: “What makes someone a slut? What’s with Bros Before Hoes? Is there a difference between being a slut and a whore?” And the one that admittedly caught me off guard, “How old was the oldest person you’ve had sex with?”

+Music by Apache Tomcat
Intro: Zombie Lovesong
Outro: Candy Cyanide

Useful Links
*Sparrow’s Music: soundcloud.com/sparrowdena
*Center for Healthy Sex (Sexual Addiction Info) – centerforhealthysex.com
*RAINN (For Sexual Assualt Survivors): https://rainn.org/get-help
*Center for Sex Positive Culture – thecspc.org

Episode 3: Let’s Get Political

What do Donald Trump, Immigration, and Police Misconduct have in common? They’re all topics on this week’s episode of Sound Off LA! After our Halloween hiatus, we get political, in a raw, in-depth discussion with special guest & political science major, Rick Rodriguez.

Intro: Red Hot Mama by Sophie Tucker
Outro: Crazy U by Teddy Brown

Statistics from the Cato Institute & A Research Study Published May 2000, by the U.S. Department of Justice.

Episode 4: Behind the Music

This episode features an exclusive interview with LA rapper, Walter Romeo, and singer/producer K-Riley. We discuss drugs, music, and their impact on youth culture; recap a few topics from Episode 3, and give our opinions about politics on social media. The conversation then takes an even deeper turn, as Romeo shares intense revelations about murder and overcoming tragedy.

+Music by Walter Romeo
Intro: No Questions – ft. K-Riley
Outro: Be There in a Minute

Useful Links

Stats from 2014 – National Survey of Drug Use and Health by National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Episode 5: How Do I Look?

Model/Cosmetologist, Naj Subira joins the show for a talk about body image. Naj shares her body-positive outlook, do’s and don’ts for young girls looking to make it in the modeling industry, and a bit about her carefree LA lifestyle. We then head into brief examination of the term “white-washed” to close things out.

Intro: Fashionista – Garmisch
Outro: Shooting Star – Karyn Ellis

Useful Links

Stats provided by:
*National Eating Disorders.org
*Eating Disorder Hope.org
*ADAA.org (Anxiety and Depression Association of America)

Episode 6: What’s Going On?

In the sixth installment of Sound Off LA and first of the last three episodes of the year, we explore the role of social media in modern activism.

Intro: Amour – Alpha Hydrae
Intermission: Erotica – New Waver
Outro: Swan Song – Paper Navy

Useful Links
*The Case For Social Media and Hashtag Activism by Sabina Khan-Ibarra, The Huffington Post. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/sabina-khanibarra/the-case-for-social-media_b_6149974.html

*Top 5 Biggest Social Media Movements of 2014 – WallStreet Journal: http://blogs.wsj.com/speakeasy/2014/12/03/the-5-biggest-social-media-movements-of-2014

Episode 7: Syria, Seriously

This week marks Sound Off LA’s penultimate episode of the year. Our topics du jour include: ISL, the Syrian Civil War, and the global impact of the current Syrian Refugee Crisis. We also examine statistics with relation to the rise of islamophobia in United States and debunk popular misconceptions surrounding Muslims that have arisen in the post 9/11 world.

Intro/Outro: Pop Off – President Obama ft @JXCannon
Break: Optimism – The Rories

Useful Links
*JX Cannon: souncloud.com/jxcannon

*Terrorist Attacks on U.S. Soil by Group, From 1980 to 2005: http://www.globalresearch.ca/non-muslims-carried-out-more-than-90-of-all-terrorist-attacks-in-america/5333619

*Muslims and Islam: Key Findings in the U.S. and Around the World: http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2015/12/07/muslims-and-islam-key-findings-in-the-u-s-and-around-the-world/

*2014 FBI Hate Crime Stats: https://www.fbi.gov/about-us/cjis/ucr/hate-crime/2014

*Anti-Muslim Hate Crimes Have Spiked After Every Major Terrorist Attack: After Paris, Muslims Speak Out Against Islamophobia: http://www.ibtimes.com/anti-muslim-hate-crimes-have-spiked-after-every-major-terrorist-attack-after-paris-2190150

Episode 8: Interracial

Undergrads Alex, Hector, and Nat, join myself and my boyfriend/LA film editor Tom, for the show’s final episode of the year. We explore some of the racial dynamics in the U.S., share personal experiences on the topic, expand on inter-cultural prejudice, systematic oppression, and their relationship to classism.

+Music by One Watt of Love
Intro: “You Are Mine”

Useful Links
*Tom’s Work: tpearcefilms.tumblr.com

*American Fact Finder: http://factfinder.census.gov/

*Comparision on Ethnicity vs Race: http://www.diffen.com/difference/Ethnicity_vs_Race

Stats by the United States Census Bureau

Episode 9: The Cannabis Craze

We’re back! For our first episode of 2016, we dive into a phenomenon that’s sweeping through Los Angeles: Medical Cannabis. We light up a discussion on the growing accessibility of the wonder plant, with Cannabis cultivator and broker, Alexis. Alexis also provides a high-resolution view of the industry, both at it’s forefront and behind-the-scenes.

Intro: Anti-Marijuana Propaganda Film, Circa 1970s
Outro: The Happy Boy Song – Kevin MacLeod

Useful Links
*The Buddha Garden Collection, by ZenFourTwenty: instagram.com/zenfourtwenty

*92% of Patients Say Marijuana Works – Washington Post: washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2014/10/01/92-of-patients-say-medical-marijuana-works/

*Release the Strains – Nature Medicine: nature.com/nm/journal/v21/n9/full/nm.3946.html

Episode 10: The “F” Word

We sit down with Ivy League student, Desdemona this week for an exploration of modern Feminism. We examine the concepts of misandry, misogyny, patriarchy, and intersectionality. We also briefly make mention of the “Meninist” movement and touch on the restrictions placed on us all by gender roles.

Intro: Beach Boogie – The Vivisectors
Intermission: Weekend – Atlantic Thrills
Outro: Dad Bands Forever – D.A. Dad

Useful Links
*UN Entity for Gender Equality/UN Women: unwomen.org/en

*World Health Organization on Female Genital Mutilation: who.int/reproductivehealth/topics/fgm/overview/en/

Stats by: The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality, and the National Crime Victimization Survey conducted by The US Bureau of Justice.

Episode 11: Call Me… A Study on Gender Identity

We bring you a brief study in gender identity. This episode evaluates the effect gender roles have had on society thus far, sheds light on gender variance, and dives into the current expansion of self-definition among Millennials.

Intro: Diary of a Young Man – Charlie Megira & the Bet She’an Valley Hillbillies
Intermission: Liquid Sunlight – Strange Forces
Outro: Coffin Nails – Waylon Thornton

*Understanding Gender: https://www.genderspectrum.org/quick-links/understanding-gender/

*“When no gender fits: A quest to be seen as just a person” – Monica Hesse, Washington Post: https://www.washingtonpost.com/national/when-no-gender-fits-a-quest-to-be-seen-as-just-a-person/2014/09/20/1ab21e6e-2c7b-11e4-994d-202962a9150c_story.html

*Non-Binary Wiki: http://nonbinary.org/

Episode 12: Touch of Kink

BDSM, Kanye West, and vegetarianism – all talking points on this latest episode of Sound Off LA. Special Guest and kink master, Aden joins the show for a rousing examination of the world of kink and the stigma surrounding it. This will be the last episode of Sound Off LA, before we go on hiatus for the spring. Try not to miss us too hard, we’ll be back!

If You Want It – TV Girl
Want Me Back – Love Story in Blood Red

Useful Links
*Abuse vs Erotic Power Exchange: http://sexsupport.org/abusevsere.html

*Fetishes by Nick Broomfield (Available on Hulu)

*Top 10 Fetishes (According to AskMen.com): http://www.askmen.com/dating/vanessa/25_love_secrets.html

Episode 13: Pray For Me

Devout Mormon Kenny joins us to lend his philosophy on faith, religion, and spirituality. We discuss sex, hell, atheism, and reform. Kenny also addresses the public perception of the Church of the Latter Day Saints, which is in many ways still shrouded in mystery to outsiders. He dispels the rumors and controversy surrounding the Church, and shares some of the experiences that led him to personal salvation.

Ayahuasca – Party People in a Can

Useful Links
*Top 5 World Religions Stats:

*Demographics of Atheism: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demographics_of_atheism

*Read More about Joseph Smith: http://www.josephsmithpapers.org

*Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints: http://www.lds.org

*Descartes’ Proof for the Existence of God: http://www.webcitation.org/6Qh9vX8U9

Recommended Reads
-The God Delusion – Richard Dawkins
-Paradise Lost – John Milton

Episode 14: Love You

Self-love is a pertinent, yet much neglected subject. We are constantly being told to love ourselves and seldom provided with information on how to achieve this – so this week we focused on just that. In the interest of sparking your internal dialogue, we provide you with some steps, tips, and tools to improving your relationship with yourself. Remember, with all changes you make in life you must be realistic and patient. The ability to cultivate self-love is no different, it is a continuous process.

Intro/Interlude: Strawberry Fields Sometimes – DA DAD
Outro: Turn Around – Charlie Megir

Useful Links
*A Seven-Step Prescription for Self-Love by Deborah Khoshaba, Psy.D.:

*30 Ways to Practice Self-Love and Be Good to Yourself:

*The Smell Report – Social Issues Research Center:

Episode 15: Election Update

We know we already talked politics in Episode 3, but this podcast was intended to spark conversation about relevant issues, and we can’t do that by ignoring the grandest of them all, the 2016 Presidential Election. So as primary season comes to a close, we decided it was only fitting to put together an election update episode. Join us for a breakdown of the election process (including an explanation of the mysterious Electoral College), stats on the three surviving candidates, and a brief overview on where Trump, Sanders, and Clinton each stand on some of the country’s most important socio-political issues. (Featuring some audio from Episode 3).

Intro/Interlude: Astro Glam – Phonotrash
Aside: Hail to the Chief – US Air Force Concert Band
Outro: Matt Damon – Mi Nave

Useful Links
*Crossing the Line: How Donald Trump Behaved With Women in Private:

*What is Hillary Afraid Of?http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2014/05/hillary-clinton-media-105901

*Some Democrats Press Bernie Sanders to Leave Race: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/some-democrats-press-bernie-sanders-to-leave-race/

*A Side-by-Side Comparison Between Candidates on Key Issues: http://2016election.procon.org/view.source-summary-chart.php

Episode 16: For the Record

We have creatives on the podcast all the time. While we plug their work and provide their links in the episode descriptions, we didn’t feel that did anyone enough justice. Since one of the founding intentions of Sound Off LA is to promote LA artists (alongside LA issues), we are proud to present our first official artist profile! Audio engineer and rapper, Will Santos joins the show via skype to discuss the recording industry. Will was recommended by our good friend, rapper Walter Romeo (of the unforgettable Episode 4). We tackle the rise of streaming music, personalization vs. marketing, legendary beefs, Kesha’s current ordeal, and get into some cold hard stats. Will also shares his experiences in the industry thus far and provides sage advice for neophytes.

Intro: C-Doc – Underground Press
Outro: Colectivo Etéreo – Porque Sí

Useful Links
*Will Santos on Twitter: @TopNotchPress

*Drake Scores First Hot 100 No. 1 as Lead Artist With ‘One Dance’: http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/chart-beat/7358099/drake-first-hot-100-no-1-lead-artist-one-dance

*Drake’s ‘Views’ At Number One For A Second Week: http://www.forbes.com/sites/hughmcintyre/2016/05/16/drakes-views-at-number-one-for-a-second-week/#1f6d2f893c7f

*Kesha Is Again Scheduled to Perform at the Billboard Music Awards: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/05/20/arts/music/kesha-billboard-awards-dr-luke-performance.html?_r=0

*New York State Judge Rejects Kesha’s Claims in Dr. Luke Case:

Episode 17: Between the Lines

We took time off for Memorial Day, but like the unsettling uncertainty over the nation’s future that permeated the 70s, we’re back! Walter Romeo is also back on the show for perhaps our most candid and rowdy episode yet. We’re joined by Walter’s Cold Movement teammate: rapper/producer, RoseGold. Walter and RoseGold share their unique insight concerning creative growth, dealing with rejection, and balancing the business end with creative side of the craft; all while trying to make it in one of LA’s most demanding industries.

+Music: Colors by Walter Romeo (feat. Rioretti)

Useful Links


*Rosegold on Twitter:@ROSEGOLD93

*Walter Romeo on Twitter: @Walter_Romeo_

*When Hip-Hop First Went Corporate:

Episode 18: Under Pressure

This week we discuss what was arguably the most prevalent topic among youth of the 1980s and 90s – Peer Pressure. Behind the political rhetoric is a web of real live intricate issues. When troubled kids  grow up to become troubled adults, the consequences can be grave, and it impacts everyone in society. In order to properly dissect the evolution of peer pressure and how it affects one’s journey into adulthood, we called upon 19-year-old author and illustrator Brett T. Brown. At the tender age of 10, the native Chicagoan finished Haley’s Comet, an empowering children’s book, complete with his own illustrations. Brett joins the show live via phone from his home in Cleveland, Ohio.

Intro: TV Girl – Birds Don’t Sing
Outro: Natus – Cure

Useful Links
*Haley’s Comet (by Brett T. Brown) on Amazon: amazon.com/Haleys-Comet-Brett-T-Brown/dp/1624079113/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1465002107&sr=1-1

*Haley’s Comet @ Barnes and Noble: barnesandnoble.com/w/haleys-comet-brett-t-brown/1116061590


*A Master Plan for Taking Back Control of Your Life: 99u.com/articles/7086/a-master-plan-for-taking-back-control-of-your-life

*23 Types of Meditation: http://liveanddare.com/types-of-meditation/

Stats by:
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism
The Kaiser Foundation

Episode 19: Sex Secrets

Social Media is undisputedly the most influential medium of contemporary communication. The depth and meaning of said communication, however, is contentious at best. Further still, we must consider the adverse effects this new wave of communication has on modern intimacy. To properly evaluate this from all perspectives, we welcome author/sexpert, Nicole Delacroix, to the show. Nicole engages us in a frank discussion of her latest book (Sexual Confessional: Confidential Admissions from Social Media), sexual repression, and presents ways to develop a healthier sexual mindset.

(Intro/Outro featuring live audio from the LGBT Center’s rally and vigil for Orlando at Los Angeles City Hall)

Intro: The Womb – Sex Club
Outro: Massage – Lydia

Useful Links
*Nicole Delacroix: nicole-delacroix.com


*Twitter: @NicoleDelaCroix

Episode 20: In Truth

In wake of the most recent violent deaths of Black Americans at the hands of police, we decided it only appropriate for a poignant conversation about the black community and its relationship with law enforcement. Returning to the show as our Chief White Consultant is my boyfriend, film editor, Tom Pearce. We delve into Black Lives Matter and reactions to that movement, the importance of solidarity, and come up with a few ways we can all come together.

“When we see that our problem is so complicated and so all-encompassing in its intent and content, then we realize that it is no longer a Negro problem, confined only to the American Negro; that it is no longer an American problem, confined only to America, but it is a problem for humanity.” -Malcolm X

Intro: Excerpt of President John F. Kennedy’s Civil Rights Address
Outro: Shana Falana – Cloud Beats

Useful Links
*Black Lives Matter (Go See What It’s Really About): blacklivesmatter.com

*Black Lives Matter Was Gaining Ground. Then a Sniper Opened Fire., NY Times: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/07/10/us/black-lives-matter-reaction.html

*Police killed more than 100 unarmed black people in 2015: mappingpoliceviolence.org/unarmed

Episode 21: A Brief Meditation

To help soothe society in the wake of the recent tragedies and ubiquitous injustices making the news (as well as the day to day struggle of simply surviving in Los Angeles), we’ve decided to dedicate this episode to the art of meditation. Unwind with us as we guide you through a 20 minute session, featuring binaural beats (Alpha and Theta waves).

Intro: Half Cocked – Heart of the City
Outro: Project 5 am – Like a Dieu

Useful Links
*What are Binaural Beats?: http://www.centerpointe.com/articles/articles-research

*Vipassan? Meditation: https://www.dhamma.org/en-US/index

*Walking Meditation: http://www.wildmind.org/walking/introduction

Episode 22: A Bit of Noir

We interviewed actor and noir fiction writer, Michael Falls for this week’s episode of Sound Off LA. Tune in for an introduction to his novel: The Debt, a discussion on the creative writing process, the growth of publishing, and of course, the upcoming election.

Intro: Flowerheads – 07
Outro: Bergwald Berwald – Every Now and Every Then

Useful Links
*The Debt by Michael W. Falls:

Episode 23: Wait a Minute

As adults, we’ve all felt the crushing weight of responsibility. Sometimes balancing work life, home life, and a multitude of other tasks can grow to be overwhelming. In Episode 21 we explored meditation, in an effort to continue contributing to mindfulness this episode is structured on a lack of structure. Join us to examine the benefit of procrastination and learning to take life a little slower.

Intro: David Szesztay – Letting Go
Outro: West Reflector – Fly This Town

Useful Links
*Slowing Down: Ted Radio Hour by NPR

*Why Procrastination is Good for You – Smithsonian Mag:

-Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World by Adam Grant

Episode 24: Let’s (Not) Get Physical

This week we explore male aggression, both as a psychological facet and a growing national endemic. We examine the statistics on male-perpetrated violence, the sociological implications, and societal ramifications of the continuation of a male-dominated world.

Intro: Neurotic Wreck – “Final Lullaby”
Outro: Animals & Men – “Easy Riding”

Useful Links
*Gender Differences and Aggression by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute: http://homepages.rpi.edu/~verwyc/oh14.htm

*Male Aggression – Why are Men More Violent? by Dorian Fortuna, Ph.D.: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/homo-aggressivus/201409/male-aggression

*National Coalition Against Domestic Violence: http://ncadv.org/learn-more/statistics

*On Male Domination by Pierre Bourdieu: http://mondediplo.com/1998/10/10bourdieu#partage

-Homicide by Martin Daly & Margo Wilson

-Male Violence by Jon Archer (featuring Evolutionary Psychology of Male Violence by Daly & Wilson)

-Sex Differences in Aggression in Real-World Settings: A Meta-Analytic Review by John Archer

-Models of Anger and Aggression in the Social Talk of Women and Men by Anne Campbell & Steven Muncer

Episode 25: The State of Things

With the race for President coming to a head next month, we thought it important to focus our attention on current events more than ever before. Tonight, we discuss Trump’s latest embarrassment to the GOP, the devastating effects of Hurricane Matthew on Haiti, and share a poetic essay on tone policing inspired by true life.

Intro: Cemetery Dance – The Vivisectors
Outro: Scariest Monster Competition/Music to Trick-or-Treat By: Apache Tomcat

Useful Links
Organisations providing disaster relief for Haïti:
*ACFFC: acffcjacmelhaiti.com
*Border of Lights: borderoflights.org
*Doctors without Borders: donate.doctorswithoutborders.org
*FONHEP (Fondation Haitienne de l’Education Privee): fonhep.org
*Haitian American Caucus: hacus.org
*Haiti Communitere: haiti.communitere.org
*Konbit Mizik: konbitmizik.org
*Lambi Fund: lambifund.org
*MADRE: madre.org
*Nova Hope for Haiti: novahope.org
*Partners in Health: pih.org
*Roots of Development: rootsofdevelopment.org
*Sakala Haiti: sakala-haiti.org
*SOIL: oursoil.org
*Sowaseed: sowaseedonline.org
*Volontariat pour le Développement d’Haïti: vdhhaiti.org
*National Breast Cancer Foundation: nationalbreastcancer.org
*American Cancer Society – Support Services: cancer.org/treatment/supportprogramsservices/reach-to-recovery