smoke-filled lungs sigh heavy
anticipation sewn through
soft flesh
into tendon
knicking at bone
bound and restrained yet
torrents of
pour out sideways
washing over every nerve
every road
lapping up all dread
all passion
power exuding from every second of surrender
ecstacy in its acceptance
“it is always by way of pain
that one arrives at pleasure”

guilt rises, subsides
a dark curiousity gnaws away at your insides

ç’est trop tard se retourner


Vanity and insecurity tucked into their proper places,

Sunrise, sunset.

Friends and lovers past, a sea of half-remembered faces,

Sunrise, sunset.

Chances missed and paths leading to the roads less traveled by,

Sunrise, sunset.

Moon towering high ruling over night,

Sunrise, sunset.

Enduring fears dissolving,

Relentlessly evolving,

Without change we are nothing.

Ode to Cigarettes

No regrets,

although, I have to let you go,

We’ve been together since …16?



wild young thing,

and you holding me,

caressing the night air like silk.

Every time we’re together



choke on nothing,

head light,

s p i n n i n g,

Don’t cry my dear,

this is our sweet end.


What is time? Ticking away at your insides,

never thought you’d be blood, sweat and tears deep,

pouring your youth away in the mill, and to what end?

everyday still struggling.

Better build a quick defense, better plan your next five years,

(I’ve got a love I’m going to marry, a little bit of money saved, and that’s it)

the bare truth is nerves of steel don’t get you everything,

sometimes even when you do all you can, you still lose,

(so lose with grace and rise with grit)

but what then, when the thunderous applause of your converted disbelievers don’t make you smile?

humanity is ravenous! humanity is a pity!

What is time? When a paradise is a sick day and a few miles away.

never thought you’d make it this far, but you have,

(take a breath, take to what you know best)

hold steady, mind clear, eyes focused.

What If the Sea Was Empty?

don’t you miss getting piss-drunk in the evenings, then losing your mind to delirium?
inside/outside of reality at the same time.
did any of it mean anything,
if we were simply swimming in between increased serotonin and neutrality?
all of those choices…

what if the sea was empty?
and the sky, the land, every memory – all part of a vast dream?
je pense, donc je suis.
take cover, take a credit,
take it one step at a time.