Downtown sparkled
while the perseids kissed the night sky

Mars blazed
but summer heat gave way to cool breeze

Just dirt and a picnic blanket
yet it felt like the very definition of magic

Almost five years now
and still under your spell


I don’t believe in Gods or Fate,

(The only devils I’ve known are men of flesh and blood)

But I do believe in love.

And Hell?

Hell is







I don’t believe in Gods or Fate,

But your love is



For you,
I’d learn to write love songs in Spanish,
Sonnets in Italian,
Haikus in Portugese.

The kindest disposition,
Warm hands, tender lips.

For you,
I write love notes in the morning,
Dance all evening,
And sing until my voice has gone.

The night is young, this moment’s fleeting,
We roam the city while its sleeping.

For you,
I’ll brave the cold, the rain,
Climb cliffs to sit hand in hand,
Hearts open, love flowing.

Fall, A Love Story

Tender is the autumn night that holds us close.

Cold sweeping over mountains, down through valleys,

‘Til it journeys into the bedroom window.

Vivid dreams of kids, a pool, and a picket fence,

Never thought, but thoughts betray you at your best.

All things grow with a little time and care,

Tender is the autumn night that brought us here.

By the Sea

Waves come crashing into sand,

Birds take to the skies for safety,

Bliss and strife dance hand in hand,

Yet all of it is hazy,

All I see, is you, here with me.